SETAC North America 2012 Make-a-Difference (MAD) Event

Wednesday 14 November

SETAC North America and Weston Solutions are proud to sponsor this year’s Make-A-Difference Service Event at Los Cerritos Wetlands. Los Cerritos Wetlands is located on the border of Los Angeles County and Orange County spanning the cities of Long Beach and Seal Beach, California not far from the mouth of the San Gabriel River. Working with the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority and Tidal Influence -- a restoration, ecology, and wetland conservation organization-- SETAC volunteers will participate in a wetland restoration activity including planting of various emergent wetland species, plant propogation, and weeding of invasives. All transportation, tools, and PPE will be provided for this half-day service project in this severely degraded Pacific tidal marsh.

Once a vast marsh covering approximately 2,400 acres Los Cerritos Wetland is now classified as “degraded”. A coalition of public and private entities is working to protect, purchase and restore the remaining 540 acres. The wetlands are home to several endangered species, including the Belding’s Savannah Sparrow, California Least Tern, California Brown Pelican, Wandering Skipper, and the Tiger Beetle. Most of the remaining open space, once a thriving wetlands consisting of tidal salt marshes, lagoons, bays and alkali meadows where the San Gabriel River flows into the Pacific Ocean, is currently privately owned and used for oil operations.

This event is Light Rain or Shine! Please dress appropriately for outdoor restoration activities including long pants, long sleeves, shoes/boots and socks, sunscreen, and a hat. If necessary, bug repellant, PPE, and waders will be provided.  Adjust dress and bring layers to accommodate changes in the weather.

Weston Solutions and SETAC will provide all volunteers with a T-shirt commemorating the event. This shirt is not required to be worn during the event.

Equipment & Supplies:
All tools and restoration equipment will be supplied by Tidal Influence.

Snacks and Refreshments:
All snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Safety Issues:
Please be aware that the restoration site is an active oil operation land with sensitive species habitat. You are responsible for your own liability and safety. The site conditions are uneven bare ground, close proximity to ocean water, plants with thorns and spines, sun exposure with little shade,  insects that can bite or sting, animals that can bite or scratch, and dust. The activity may involve strenuous work, walking, lifting and use of sharp tools.

There is no charge to participate in this event. However you must sign up via the meeting registration form. Space is limited.

The Day’s Agenda
12:30pm - Meet at rendezvous site at conference center to board bus
1:00pm – Arrive on site; Introductions, Project overview, and Safety talk
1:30pm - Break into teams, go to work stations, station introduction, begin work
2:45pm – Work break for snack and refreshments
4:00pm - Stop work, close up stations, reflect on day (debrief)
4:15pm – Clean up, decon, group photo
4:30pm - Walk to transportation
5:00pm – Drop-off by bus at volunteer reception or convention center (optional)
5:30pm - Potential Volunteer Reception (optional)